car shopping

I went to look at cars at Palm in Punta Gorda. I got hooked up with a salesman from the used lot who was trying to show me a used Hyundai with 24K for $13K. Um, no. So he took me over to the new Toyota lot and walked around with me. There was a red 2 door Yaris that was the cutest thing ever. I looked at a Yaris last week, but it was loaded up and priced like a Corolla. I commented on how cute the Yaris was and this salesguy said “You don’t want that. It’s too small. You can get a Corolla for that price.” How about if you let me tell you what I’m interested in?He was a “good ole boy” and couldn’t even tell me anything about the cars.

H got in this around 2:30 pm. E had a gig at a wedding. She got her license Thursday but I didn’t want her driving up to Sarasota by herself yet and also I needed the car. I drove her up to B&N then went back down to the Toyota dealer in Venice. The saleswoman stood me up – they said she called in sick or something. I drove a dark blue Corolla around. The salesguy acted like he was doing me a favor. loser.

Tomorrow we go to Orlando for the Dashboard concert.


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