So last week I bought a 2007 Yaris liftback. It’s the cutest car I’ve ever owned. It’s called meteorite silver and the interior is black & grey with black upholstery with blue polka dots. Actually they’re more like little m’s than polka dots, but whatever.

This is the cheapest car Toyota makes- except that mine is automatic not manual. It was the European car of the year in 2000. I got sick of shopping for Corollas and decided I don’t really need 4 doors. Who will be riding in my back seat? The kids have their own cars.

Everything is extra $ on these little toy cars so I got the sound system but other than that there is nothing extra. Well they forced the Toyoguard and stripes on me. That is some Southeastern Toyota dealers scam I couldn’t seem to get away from.

No matter. I love this little car. It turns “on a dime” and it’s just f-ing adorable.

I didn’t get it from Cramer Toyota after spending over 2 hours in there Tuesday night trying to negotiate on a Corolla. They just didn’t want to give me a deal on the blue one I was considering; the car had no extras and it was a 2006. I guess because they had the 0% financing they weren’t going to come down in price so they offer me an ugly silver one with black trim that has no Toyoguard because I was adamant that I didn’t want the toyoshitguard. Everyone knows that’s a scam – they should have just discounted the blue one by that amount plus the lousy $500 they were taking off MSRP.

 I thought the saleswoman was going to cry when I told her I bought a Yaris at another dealership. boo hoo.


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