Jancee Dunn is so much cooler than Lynette Chiang

Saturday morning and I’m watching a frantic squirrel digging up my backyard. He just stood up to reveal his blindingly white tummy. What a show off.

It rained all night and it’s drizzly still. I went out to the mailbox earlier and was assaulted by the oppressive humidity. Welcome to the Florida non-Floridians don’t know or care about.

I just read Jancee Dunn’s But Enough About Me – memoirs of her NJ life, family and career as a Rolling Stone writer, MTV2 VJ and entertainment correspondent. It was such a cute and fun read! I love self-deprecating humor. She has a neat website too. http://janceedunn.typepad.com/

I too, have always fancied myself a sort of rocker-chic even though I am way too inarticulate and introverted to pull it off.  Can you be a hipster rocker-chic if you like to bake cookies, stay home at night and watch Jane Austen adaptations and play with pens, scissors and paste? Apparently so. It’s geeky rock-chic which is in fashion now. Yay.

I find it comforting that she found Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn so warm and down to earth. Dolly Parton gave her a hunk of Velveeta and Loretta Lynn made peanut butter fudge for her. So cute.

On the other hand, nothing is worse than a self-important phoney-free spirit. I had started to read another book, The Handsomest Man in Cuba (Lynette Chiang) but I didn’t like it at all. She says she just chucked it all in – job, home, possessions to ride her little, expensive, fold-up bike around Cuba. Her breeziness seemed fake and forced. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood, I don’t know.  This quote (p. 44) really put me over the edge “If worst comes to worst, a Cuban jail will make a unique and riveting chapter in my memoirs, if I live to write them. In any case, I hear heaven is supposed to be a pretty neat place…” What the hell is that? Way to be full of shit – and who uses the words “neat” and heaven in the same sentence? Well she wrote a book and I didn’t so who am I to criticize?

I have to go out on this rainy day (it just started pouring again) to pick up music for Emily for a North Port Orchestra fund raising concert. She’s off taking the SAT again this morning. I thought I would pick up groceries too but I’m not up for toting dripping plastic bags into and out of Yaris. I think I’ll make cookies, putter, snooze, watch movies, listen to music and bask in my geekiness.


2 Responses to “Jancee Dunn is so much cooler than Lynette Chiang”

  1. Lynette Chiang Says:

    Hi! Being a person who rather likes people who say exactly what’s going on for them, I appreciate your honesty. This guy hated me and my ‘art’ too – good on him:
    I got a little wistful when you described me as breezy, phony and self-important, though. God. If only it was true, and all this was just a fabrication, my life would seem a whole lot easier.
    Thanks again.

  2. mcmisura Says:

    Hey, you’re a good sport to acknowledge criticism from a random doofus like myself. I did think I sounded rather snarky – that’s why I tried to soften it by adding “Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood…” and “Well she wrote a book and I didn’t so who am I to criticize?”

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