Zelda is sleeping on her purr pad. I think she would be quite tasty with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top. 

So on the way out of Publix today there were 4 creepy guys hovering around the scale and taking turns weighing themselves. Why can’t people just buy scales and weigh themselves at home? Maybe they should just sit down and start shaving and clipping their nails in the dairy section while they’re at it. 

I found a bird’s nest on the ground in the back yard. It was pretty windy yesterday and must have gotten dislodged. I checked on the mockingbird nest and it looks like it’s ready for tenants but I haven’t seen the mockingbird around since last weekend. Maybe it’s a decoy nest. Do they do things like that?

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and a zucchini pie yesterday. E and I watched lots of LOST, Season 2 and finished today. Why did the others wear brown tattered clothes? I guess that was part of their disguise. Why is Ben such a bug eyed freak? Why are Jack, Sawyer, Sayid and Des so good looking?  What did Des do to get a dishonorable discharge? I don’t think that’s been cleared up. Why didn’t they take some of the notebooks the observers wrote in to read?

The Easter lily is blooming and the rain lilies all have buds that will probably open tomorrow.


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