steak night

Last night I dreamed about this guy in college we called “Steak night”. I had stupid code names for everyone. This one was because he worked in the dining hall checking ID cards, usually on Saturday night – steak night.

 Steak night was supposed to be a big treat, with thick slabs of tough steak, mashed potatoes and some other cruddy vegetable. Since I never liked steak or meat I would often get pb& j and give my steak to one of the boys.

Steak night was a treat because he was handsome and popular even though I think he may have briefly sported a mustache and sometimes wore a pink LaCoste shirt.

 In my dream, I came out of some sort of terminal type building on the top of a hill, saw Steak night and asked him how to get back to campus. He laughed like I was only trying to think of a way to chat with him and I said “No seriously, I have no sense of direction.” In the stupid way that dreams make no sense, Jeff Laben was half hanging out of a car window, waiting to give Steak night a ride. Steak night sort of nodded to him like he was going to hang with me instead and they laughed. Then he walked with me a while, jingling his keys, and I babbled about being born with no sense of direction. Then I woke up and tried to get back to the dream to see what would happen but I couldn’t.

Obviously the dream means that I feel I have no sense of direction in the professional and personal sense as well as in the practical map reading, following driving directions sense. It also means that I would like to find my way back to college when life held promise and adventure. Midlife crisis much?

I’m glad I’m so adept at analyzing my stupid dreams.


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