Today was a day of semi-drudgery. It was a quiet day at work but it was still work and it was dull, which made it drudgery-like.

I made a pot of potato cheese soup tonight, which is just the thing to eat in the tropics in the summer.   Soup is soup. It’s comforting even when it’s sweltering outside.

I have been looking at lovely artsy books and websites. They use phrases like “healing your soul” and “intuitively charged” and “being centered.” I like to read them because it makes me think I have creative, artsy friends. I wish I could write and speak like that – like a sort of artistic hippie trippie earth mother. It’s not my voice  – it sounds phony and false if I try to sound carefree and whimsical .  I am deeply emotional and romantic, thus  everything gets bottled up and comes out prosaic and steeped in sarcasm. Steeped in sarcasm. I like that.


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