I took E and her friend G to the International Plaza yesterday. There were a lot of sales and we all came away with some things. I saw a t-shirt in Journeys that I want so I’ll have to see if they have it in PC.  It has a dog and a cat with pencils and says “No Animal Testing.” Ha! I love it! So what if it’s sold in a teen clothing store?

Normally I wouldn’t even go in shops like Diesel, Burberry and Coach, but in the afternoon I just toddled along behind the kids. There were about 6 salespeople in Coach, wearing their stupid blue suits. When they asked if they could help I replied testily that we were “just looking”. The girl kind of snorted and sneered – she sneerted – as if to indicate that I could never afford anything in that store. Actually I think Coach stuff is ugly and I wouldn’t want it anyway. In the SanRio store with the cutesy little kitty and bunny pens and pencils and bags I was like a 6 year old girl. “Oooh look how cute. This is adorable.” I got a cutesy pen and pencil. $6 for a bunny pen and a kitty pencil vs. $200 for an ugly purse emblazened with Coach logo…who would choose ugly over cute? Oh right, people concerned with status.

We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. My blackened chicken sandwich wasn’t anything to rave about and was falling apart all over the plate.  The white chocolate raspberry cheesecake was delightful though. E and I shared it. She had fried macaroni & cheese balls for lunch (it’s actually and appetizer) and they were amazing.

There is a wonderful store devoted to tea called Teavana I can’t remember what we sampled but it was sooooo good. The flavor was so delicate, so sublime. The cast iron tea sets are exquisite. I’ve always been fascinated by them and a cute young 20-something kid was giving me literature and explaining the symbols on the tea pots. Japanese people have the most wonderful customs and culture.


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