doggone it-

Today on the way to work I noticed a pretty dog looking out the back window of the SUV in front of me. I waved at it. I seriously waved all goofy and said “Oh hi honey. You are so cuuute.” Like she could hear me – this panting white dog with pointy ears and wagging tail. She looked like she was concentrating on keeping her balance and she was probably thinking “What the hell? I’m outside, but I’m in. I’m standing still, but I’m moving. Some person is moving her paw about. Oooh, look at that tree. ”

Dogs are heavy thinkers, though not as heavy as cats.

It made me smile in spite of my goofiness.


2 Responses to “doggone it-”

  1. Gayla Says:

    Ah… here we go with the kindred spirit thing. I once ran my riding lawn mower up the satellite pole in the yard because I was waving at a cow across the fence. At last, maybe you, (and only you it seems) might understand after all these years.

  2. mcmisura Says:

    That’s a mooo-ving story. I bet the cow had a good laugh over that. They act serious but I think cows are probably great pranksters.

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