I’m at my sister’s house in NY. What a change from FL! It’s so nice and cool. All the windows are open and I’ve been sitting out in her yard with Dewey the famous bassett hound who once pooped out a lego, and enjoying the flowers.

The flights were OK until we got on that little plane to Binghamton. I was in the very back and there was a lot of turbulence and I probably should have just done myself harm with scissors to the gut or something. Worrying about spilling your water and the possibly throwing up, and worrying further about throwing up in a bag in front of strangers is lame. The guy sitting next to me was concerned and tried to be jovial and attentive and had I not been on the verge of throwing up on him I might have even tried flirting just to see if I still could.  

We took  a ride to cutesy Owego this morning and went in the shops. Saw lots of cute things especially some  aprons. I was just reading about a woman who has a travelling exhibit of her vintage apron collection and her book about same. Personally I like the smock kind for baking, because I do tend to be a little messy and I like to feel all vintagey and Ma Waltonish.

Love the River Row book shop. The books are all inventoried and categorized nicely but they need a cat.

Sis made us a beautiful dinner of turkey cutlets with veggies & pasta, tomatoes with feta, & broccoli. We had strawberry/rhubarb cobbler for dessert, rhubarb being one of my favorite things in the world.


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