Belden Hill

Today we had a nice lunch with my Kindred Spirit J at Whole in the Wall in Binghamton. I had a grilled cheese on a whole wheat bagel, with fresh tomato, mushrooms and mozzarella. It was a little drizzly out, but warm and cozy inside.

Since Whole in the Wall is close to the arena celebrities like Ani DiFranco, REM, Phish and George Winston have stopped in after concerts. It’s a cool, funky place with a healthier, all natural menu.

We spent the afternoon at J’s perfect house having a perfect visit. Her gardens were in full bloom, although the Japanese beetles are feasting. They built a new wrap-around deck which gives them  beautiful space to sit and enjoy looking out on their yard and garden. I really love her house! She is my  true Kindred Spirit and I so wish we could still pop in on each other for tea.

My old house on the corner of Belden Hill is an eyesore now. It isn’t maintained and needs painting, mowing and a general sprucing up. I loved that house and yard. I thought we’d live there forever. Yeah – we. Whatever.My writing is still on the mailbox after almost 20 years.  

We took a ride to see the kids at Cole Park. Somewhere at the park, on the left as you face the lake, I’m sure there is a tree trunk that has an old tool or farm implement embedded in it. The tree sort of grew around it. I’m pretty sure it’s there but then I’m not. Maybe I’m confusing it with some other place.  

You know a place and then you don’t. I used to drive that way a couple of times a week to take G to preschool and now I was a visitor. It left me feeling wistful.


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