Government jobs

A while back, I registered to receive email alerts about education jobs with the State of Florida. Not sure why I did that, but it provides fodder for both my amusement and pissiness.

Today I had an email alert for an opening as a Program Specialist, salary range $23,645.18 – $61,448.66.

Here is the description:

The employee must be productive under tight timeframes, balance multiple and competing priorities and maintain goal-directed behavior and performance sometimes under stressful conditions.  The employee must interact courteously with others.  The employee’s performance and behavior must demonstrate consideration of the workload concerns of others and must not negatively affect productivity and morale of the unit.  Am I wrong, or isn’t that a requirement in any job?

 Here is an example they’ve listed under Examples of Work:

Attendance at work is an essential job function.

How is that an Example of Work? Who is writing this shit?Here are some things listed under Examples of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Speaking: Talking to others to effectively convey information

Active listening:  Listening to what other people are saying and asking questions as appropriate

Instructing: Teaching others how to do something

I hereby bestow upon the State of Florida the Supreme Redundancy & Bullshit Award for Writing and Communicating Ineffectively in Written Language…


These bureaucratic douchebags, shitheads, assholes are designing, writing and evaluating our kids’ FCAT Writing Tests.


2 Responses to “Government jobs”

  1. WhatPushesMyButtons Says:

    hahaha….nice…isn’t that typical from an education job at the corporate level? The assholes that run the Board of Ed in NYC are so out of touch with reality and so poor with their written and verbal skills it makes you wonder if they even were schooled in the first place.

    Love the salary range too…basically they’re gonna employ anyone with a pulse…but if that person also has a GED or other non college degree that could escalate them to middle management! What a joke.

  2. mcmisura Says:

    Everything except sunshine is at the bottom of the scale here in Florida. In exchange for sun & fun we resign ourselves to shite pay, senior-centrism and ballot hijinx.

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