Dave Eggers

I’m in love with Dave Eggers so I bought How We Are Hungry before I went on vacation though I don’t usually like to read short stories.

I can’t really put my finger on why I like Dave Eggers so much. He’s different. And yes, he’s funny – but he combines humor with pathos and beautiful language. I’m transported when I’m reading anything he’s written.

I don’t really want or need to say anything more about him. I hate when people, like certain English teachers from my past, analyze writing or music, picking it apart to leave only crumbs. This probably why I never became an English teacher.  

Sorry, Dave, but I have to wait for What is the What to be published in paperback.

Oh and could you just leave your wife and kids and come to me? We can collect old books and eat waffles in bed and grow basil.

“Go to him, Elinor–force him to come to me.” (Marianne)

“Dearest, do not betray what you feel to everyone present! This is not the place for explanations–” (Elinor)


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