…consider becoming a hermit

Yeah, so it’s hot. Like that’s news in the summer. Since I get pissy when I go to the beach & see mostly overweight people in various stages of dress/undress I am hermiting at home – doing important things like scooping the litter box and cleaning the fridge. 

Here’s an interesting little fact  from Tea with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson. British landowners spent many monies improving the scenicness-ity of their estates. They added paths, ponds, SHRUBBERIES, and hermitages. They hired professional hermits to live in these hemitages, and as the fine people strolled about the estate they would happen upon the hermit and chat with him.

Since hermits haven’t been the subject at any of the cocktail parties I frequently attend, I asked my friend, the source for all things worth knowing, for some insight. He told me that the earliest hermits had religious convictions, devoting themselves to penance and prayer in relative isolation. For further information I went here http://www.hermitary.com/, a site started by some internetster who shares my fascination with hermits.

I wish someone would convice this freak Jan of the benefits of eremitism. Friday night, while cruising the religious channels for some laughs, I stumbled on this:


When I came to, I had many questions. Why is there a pink shitzu on her head? Is this an intervention? and

If there is a hermit waiting list can we please put her at the top? Next in line for a hut someplace far, far away…


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