Julie & Julia

48 pages into Julie & Julia by Julie Powell, and I had to check online to find out if the original blog still exists. It does! http://blogs.salon.com/0001399/2002/08/25.html

That means I’ll be able to read blog entries that later turned into book pages and it will be like reading it… twice… or something. Hot damn. I don’t know. It seemed revolutionary to me a few moments ago but that’s probably because I live in Florida and my brain is coddled. [Note the use of culinary lingo.]

I also checked out Julie’s current blog, What Could Happen? and find she is brilliantly irreverent. More about her later since I am only on page 48.


2 Responses to “Julie & Julia”

  1. 39holding Says:

    I loved the movie Julie and Julia! so much that it inspired me to start 39holding….my blog of turning the big 4 0 and finding my soulmate…too intense? any suggestions or prayers welcomed.

    thank you for reading my comment,

    • mcmisura Says:

      I haven’t seen the movie yet & wasn’t sure how the book would translate to movie though Meryl is a goddess and can do no wrong. If you find a place to meet soulmates let me in on that-

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