Beguiling Jane

We went to see Becoming Jane over the weekend. As with anything Jane related, there were lovely British accents, raindrops, tea, dancing, smoldering looks and a rakish yet sensitive male character.

I thought it was lovely. Lovely actors, lovely soundtrack, lovely scenery, lovely cinematography, lovely costumes. I just discovered a lovely fansite at that I can hardly wait to read – during work of course. Evidently they agree with me that it’s a Jane-worthy and gush-worthy film.

The detractors of the movie have no “scope for imagination,” as another great literary character, Anne Shirley, used to say. It’s not meant to be factual, just built around a few facts. Jane had a brief flirtation with Tom LeFroy and the rest is just a “suppose this happened.”

I was in a big Borders the other day and was shocked to see a rather large display of Jane’s books and Jane related books.  Who are all these people who love Jane as much as I do? Who are these writers who think they can write Jane-worthy sequels?

I will most definitely go back for another dose of Jane and Tom. It is just the thing for these long, endlessly hot Florida days.


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