what’s in your beach bag?

House Beautiful, the magazine for rich people with beautiful houses, had a page recently describing what was in people’s beach bags. Of course these weren’t just people, in the ordinary people sense, they were designers and store owners and artists.

Here’s what’s in some of their designer Oly Studio bamboo handled and Jack Spade beach bags, (never heard of either of them):

  • Hermes beach towel
  • black Eres bikini
  • coral red turkish towel
  • Anthelios sunscreen
  • herb tea with fresh mint
  • sepia ink, brushes and watercolor paper
  • Scrabble
  • dominoes
  • Jane’s crazy mixed up salt to sprinkle on a fresh tomato

Here is what’s in my (free) FLEA (Florida Legal Education Association) canvas tote bag with ugly orange canvas handles:

  • 30SPF sunblock – any brand in a plastic bag because it often leaks all over 
  • an old sheet to spread stuff on
  • an umbrella holder that screws into the sand and keeps the umbrella from tipping over
  • towel
  • water
  • book/journal

I am happy to report that there was one artist who said some days he takes only a towel and water and other days he takes, books, sunblock, cameras, and a banana, and a designer who says he walks to the beach and takes nothing.

Still interesting to me that some people have to have pricey, designer things to complete their experience and others are quite content to just enjoy the experience. 


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