Colleen at Fresh Vintage is giving away goodies. I got excited thinking about the vintage paper goods then the boss lurched around the corner…so I think I might have entered her contest twice. oops. That’s what happens when you live life on the edge, always challenging authority, like I do.

Colleen and her sister, Erin, have a knack for finding cool old stuff.  I know plenty about that, having spent many childhood days at auctions and antiques shows. My parents were hard-core antiquers. They used to take us to dig for bottles at old homesteads and dumps. Sometimes they even gave us gardening gloves to wear so we wouldn’t get cut on the rusty old cans and broken glass. “It’s just a fleshwound…”

 Hey we were tough! We weren’t like the wimpy kids today who can’t be without their Starbucks and cellphones for more than an hour. We climbed trees and swam in the river with carp nibbling at our toes and stomped around cow pastures picking mushrooms. We grew up in the sticks and Dad was a forest ranger…and now I live in Florida.

That explains a lot doesn’t it?


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