They’re stealing my songs

I saw this Pepsi commercial the other night that used the song Ca Plane Pour Moi“. It’s an old punk song from the late 70’s I used to play on my college radio show.  We would jump around the studio laughing and bumping into things. We never really figured out what the song was about but we liked it anyway. I don’t remember much about the ad because I got so excited about the song I didn’t pay attention. There was a big pinball with a Pepsi logo on it and I think a guy might have been riding around on it.

But now I remember enough so that my song flashback will forever be tainted by Pepsi. Whenever I hear it again, I’ll think of my fun bouncing-around-the-radio-station college days and then I’ll think of PEPSI. And I’ll see that stupid circle logo with the red white and blue waves. It won’t make me crave a Pepsi or even buy one, but it will still be there. Another splinter of crap corporate advertising festering in my sub-concious and now forever tied to a song from my younger, cooler life.


 Those fiddle-shit advertising executives – why do they have to keep stealing from my college playlists?


One Response to “They’re stealing my songs”

  1. secretinsidegirl Says:

    Oh, I adore that song, but it’s major association for me is from a scene in European Vacation. I know the Pepsi commercial you’re talking about, too. Ooh, it’s awful, a bad cover.

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