Dashboard at Delray

Dashboard in Delray was delightful. (free alliteration today) Chris is unrivaled in looks and mannerisms. It seems that he is unable to do anything unattractive. He is perfect in every way and I adore him as much as his younger fans.His voice sounded great – just the right amount of control mixed with occasional raspy hysteria. There is nothing like his acoustic guitar and plaintive wail to get the crowd going.  His chatter and a couple of “oops” made it seem like we were all hanging out with him at his house. Intimate! When he needed the lyrics on an old, never-performed except when it was recorded song (Living in Your Letters) it added to his appeal. “Awwww. He’s so prolific and passionate he can’t remember his lyrics.” I wanted to sit him down, make him a cup of coffee and share a chat. Seriously – he is just that adorable (which is why I sat in the car for hours while E stood outside with a couple of other diehards waiting for him to emerge, which he did, generously posing for pictures and bestowing handshakes, picks, autographs, and hugs. Both nights I might add. How can you not like someone like that?) 

John (Lefler) joined him about a third of the way through and added some nice guitar work and harmonies. He is also genuinely friendly.

We all sang along and were incandescently happy…save for the young fellow who was going to pass out. A cop escorted him out the back door and dumped him in the parking lot I guess. That made me sad. Silly boy. 

In keeping with the adorable singer/songwriter theme John Ralston & band opened. They sounded tight and looked good though John was a tad Grizzly Adams. They are as nice and accommodating to fans as Chris is. I’m looking forward to their new album Sorry Vampire on Oct. 2. 

Chris and John L. made a home CD of cover songs by various artists like They Might Be Giants, Weezer, and Regina Spector. It’s light and pretty. They’re selling it only at the shows and for only $10 but I guess even that’s too much for kids who have computer and cell phone habits, because they’ve already put it out there for people to pirate. Bums. 

Dashboard also has a new CD due out Oct. 2 The Shade of Poison Trees

We have 2 more shows at House of Blues in Orlando then we will enter a deep, dark depression as the sparkle recedes from our lives.


2 Responses to “Dashboard at Delray”

  1. Youknowme Says:

    Better than Cheap Trick? Peter Frampton??? David Soul???????

  2. mcmisura Says:

    Funny you mention Cheap Trick since that was the worst concert I’ve ever been to…but David Soul? I may no longer be young and hip – but at least I’ve always had a hip ear for music.

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