In Rainbows

Big announcement today from Radiohead: the new album is complete and available for download in 10 days. It’s called In Rainbows and they are leaving the download price up to the people. They’re so kooky.

Dashboard, Ralston and Beirut also have CD’s coming out this month. Serg Tankian has a solo CD coming out in a few weeks. It looks like it will be  a fun month musically speaking.

I spent a lot of time online this weekend listening to Dashboard’s new CD which they made available on their myspace. It’s simply beautiful and out in the stores tomorrow. 

Yesterday there was a promise of cooler days to come. It was very breezy and I worked for a few hours in the yard pulling weeds. Today I’m rather hobbled by all the stooping.

The key limes are still raining down so I made another pie. They seem very juicy this year and it took only 4 smallish limes for 1/2 cup of juice.

I’m reading Then We Came to the End by Josh Ferris. Sadly many of the characters remind me of people I’ve worked with. These characters could be anyone’s co-workers. He’s dead on with that. 

People’s peculiarities are magnified when you spend 40+ hours a week with them. I remember working with a woman who said “okey dokey” at the end of almost every sentence. She didn’t last long because she was incompetent.  Then there was a nursing home administrator I worked with who would always respond the same way when you asked “How’s it going?” Every blessed time he’d answer “I’m having the time of my life, how ’bout you?” (I was not having the time of my life, so it was rather disconcerting to have him ask me that.) There have been women who talked baby-talk in the office, men who felt the need to give me frequent shoulder massages, a nudist, a part time caterer, a Bon Jovi fan, a couple of alcoholics, gossips and just plain screw-ups. Just people that could be in any office or any profession, trying to figure things out in their world I guess.


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