This week

Personal and random statistics which lack importance mid-week October 28, 2007

Number of big, gross spiders killed: 2

Number of pages read in “What is the What”: 105

Number of stray cats in my driveway: 1

Number of strange & disturbing dreams: 2

Number of apples eaten: 1

Number of plays for “A Year in the Past, Forever in the Future”: 11

Number of trips to Sarasota: 1

Number of dogs that barked at me: 1

Number of times a cat has sat on my lap: 5

Number of lizards that mysteriously got in the house: 1

Number of times boss exhibited anal tendencies: 4

Number of minutes spent pondering best treats to give out for Halloween: 11

Number of treats eaten: 3

Number of times I felt fat: 3

Number of redneck-style pickup trucks seen: 3

Number of charities I’ve wanted to donate money to: 2

Number of calls that were wrong numbers:1

Number of spam emails at work today: 48

Number of beach weddings observed: 1

Number of documents the initial “H.” needed to be added to: 6

Number of times I’ve unlocked my car: 9


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