Walking in sunshine

Now that it is cool, I walk during my lunch break. The sun warms my face and shoulders and a breeze blows my hair  so that when I go back in to the office my  hair smells like spring.

 I pass by a house with  newspapers taped inside the front window and another with a red Christmas bow hanging on the front door. It is a little early for Christmas bows and this one looks particularly sad. It looks Dollar Store sad.

I cross the  swimming pool blue driveway. It reminds me of Bermuda, and I wonder what would compel someone to paint their driveway swimming pool blue.

Someone on the next street has painted their sidewalk kelly green. I don’t know if it’s supposed to blend in with the grass or if they just like the color. It would be a good landmark if you were having a party though – “We live in the house to the left side of the green sidewalk.”

Lots of people have fences. Clearly they value the words of Robert Frost. Or they have dogs. Or they like the shadow of the fence on their non-green sidewalk. I happen to love shadow fences. You can walk through them. They are jsut stripes on the sidewalk.

There is an egret eating bugs from a rotting stump. I tell him he’s silly and instead of flying away, he starts to follow me.  I turn around twice to see him following me but after that I don’t turn around again.

A couple of old men sit at a picnic table under their carport. I think they might be playing cards. I like the way their glasses make clinking sounds.

Most of the houses are unattractive. They are old, plain, square structures. The only thing that differs from one to another is the color of the trim  or the sidewalk or the driveway.

But still I enjoy walking and looking. I am the only person walking on this street in the sunshine.


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