Two books

I read 2 books this weekend: When Katie Wakes by Connie May Fowler and May Sarton’s The Fur Person.

The first book, about a young woman trying to find her way out of domestic abuse, was sad. It was desperate, anxious and frantic but I knew it would have a satisfying ending. After all, she went on to write this memoir, and several acclaimed novels. Katie, her dog, was one of the catalysts that gave her the strength to leave her sad situation. I really believe in the power of pets to heal and give strength.

I have loved May Sarton’s writing since I first discovered one of her journals back in 1995. I’ve read all of her journals since then and some of her poetry. I’m so happy that she was prolific and that there’s more left for me to enjoy and savor.

The Fur Person was enchanting – like a window into the soul of a cat.  She captures their wisdom and aloof grace perfectly. I loved it and have to get my own copy because I’m sure I’d reread it every year.

I return to my May Sarton books often and she never fails to  inspire me. She had a great appreciation for nature’s beauty and its restorative powers. I often pick up Plant Dreaming Deep or Journal of a Solitude when I feel overwhelmed with the world. 

May is my tonic. She makes me see the simple beauty that lies beyond the grimy distractions of daily life.


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