Things that suck vs. things that don’t suck

Feeling like a victim and feeling sorry for myself. Back on November 8th I said I hoped I’d remember a certain book the next time I was tempted to complain.

So rather than complaining I am indulging myself with a side by side comparison of things that suck vs. things that don’t suck. Of course it’s the same thing as complaining. And it’s not really side by side either because I can’t figure out how to make columns.

SUCKS: paying $109 for 3 months of estrogen/progestin that’s actually the wrong dose and most likely can’t be exchanged now that I’ve taken it home from the pharmacy

DOESN’T SUCK: possibility of having a legitimate excuse for being a hormonal bitch for a month

SUCKS:having huge dark circles under my eyes

DOESN’T SUCK: seeing

SUCKS: arrogance in client’s voice when he said “I don’t know if you can convey this to the attorney…”

DOESN’T SUCK: My daughter describing her pictures of Chris Carrabba as “a smorgasbord of awesomeness”

SUCKS: Finding out my ex was paying $28 too much in child support every month

DOESN’T SUCK: All the gracious living we’ve done with the extra $28 a month. 

SUCKS: Feeling tired and defeated

DOESN’T SUCK: Keri Smith’s books, projects and website

SUCKS: Presidential debates

DOESN’T SUCK: John McCain telling Mitt Romney that life isnt 24 and we’re not Jack Bauer

SUCKS: Having to stay inside on a beautiful day

DOESN’T SUCK: Foundations like Heron Dance dedicated to preserving and promoting the beauty of the nature


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