drive by weekend

weekends. things I want to do vs. things that must get done.

what did you do this weekend? not much except groceries after work Friday…then I’m snug at home and the cats are wanting attention. I fix a salad and a grilled cheese  tomato sandwich on white mountain bread with oregano. Pride & Prejudice. Lizzy & Darcy argue. Darcy’s purposeful walk across the meadow. sigh. listening to Pink Moon. g comes home and makes macaroni & cheese. scoop litterbox. someone missed the box. lug box and tray outside and hose off. scold cats. read in bed.

saturday up early as always. incapable of sleeping late. shower & make coffee. feed the critters. the cinnamon scone is more of a cookie actually. cookies for breakfast. nice change of pace. every meal should include a cookie.

oil change. no to the 15,000 mile service. no to the tire rotation. just the oil change please. then waiting at the post office to mail prescreening/audition cd’s. today is the deadline.

bookstore across the street. book therapy. time to wander around, quite at my leisure. carry around Wreck this Journal even though I already have 2 copies to give as gifts. do I need a 3rd? put it back. can’t resist The Right to Write by Julia Cameron, not because I’m a writer but because I write and this is an endorsement for writing any where, any time. look at  The Braindead Megaphone and decide it’s ass-kicking enough to warrant buying for someone or maybe myself. also get another book by that mailman poet for someone’s collection.

home again, home again jiggety jig. throw in laundry. lunch and a little bit of reading. wash dishes. clean bathroom. listen to Modest Mouse. sink drain plug comes off its anchor. crawl under sink to figure it out. music is making me tense. find a leak. clean up mess. clean sudsy hairjam out of drain. filled with disgust. reattach plug. throw a bunch of useless stuff away that was under sink.

phonecall from sis. there’s much to bitch about. we talk about merits of not complaining and then enjoy  bitchfest 2007. make e and I grilled cheese with tomato sandwiches. grilled cheese with tomato marathon weekend. realize I’m a little obsessive-compulsive with certain foods, music, movies, books.

fold laundry. take out some Christmas decorations. put wreath on door. look at santas. arrange santas in casual groupings while cheesey Lifetime holiday movies play in background. peel a giant navel orange and eat half of it. read in bed.

sunday up early as always. finish book. shower & feed critters. make coffee. make french toast. do more laundry. decorate small artificial tree with fake birds and catnip mice for the cats. they ignore it. think about how clever I am and wonder why I don’t have a magazine like martha or mary engelbreit since I too bake, decorate and craft.

mom visits for a half hour. move blooming orchid to front porch. hang towels on clothesline. pick up more key limes. pull weeds in front garden. cut back rosemary. talk to a squirrel.

eat leftover spaghetti for lunch. wash dishes. clean my bathroom. go on computer. bake a cake. make pizza dough. watch ice skating on ESPN. men’s skaters have nice butts. get towels from clothesline.  eat pizza. yell at Stephane Lambiel on TV that he is adorably Swiss.

read retarded email from e’s exboyfriend. write funny limerick about him. ice the cake. shower – again. watch “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. eat some cake. read a little.

go to bed.


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