Please to put a penny

Some dude came up to me in the library today and asked if I had any nickels for pennies. He needed nickels for the copy machine. I had 2 nickels so I gave them to him and he handed me 4 pennies with a “Have a blessed Christmas, bless you.” He thanked me like six times to make up for the six pennies I guess.

Not that I’m counting (actually, I am counting, but that’s what people say to make themselves sound noble) but that puts me at $10.02 in good karma – here’s how:

*The day after Thanksgiving I took the car for an oil change and the guy tried to give me $10 too much in change and I gave it back.

*At the library book sale last week some Russian woman was short 3¢ and the volunteer wouldn’t give her the books without the lousy 3¢ so I gave it to her.

*Dude got 10¢ for 4¢. 

* I called some woman a whore this morning, but not to her face, because she was tailgating me. I’m going to deduct 7¢ from my karma bank.

There were no motives behind my actions – other than when I called the woman a whore. Goodness comes naturally to me. 

In fact I also held the door open for a lady with a stroller the other day, which seems like a pretty unspectacular thing to do but some people won’t do it because they are too busy talking about nothing on their cell phones and stuffing Pepsi and twinkies in their faces. 

I on the other hand spread positive energy and good cheer. And sarcasm. Did I mention how sarcasm comes naturally to me?


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