Twinkle, twinkle little tree

The worst thing you can ever do after spending some time reading pretty blogs is to look at your keyboard. Because there you will find all manner of crumbs and lint and cat hair and it will just make you want to throw up.

One minute you’re reading someone’s blog and she’s drinking tea, eating a scone, listening to amazingly obscure instrumental music and planning a photowalk where she will take blurry, artistic pictures of architectural details, and the next minute you’re looking at your scummy keyboard and wondering how 3 seemingly clean people can possibly leave such mangy filth behind. You turn over the keyboard and start shaking it to set the crumbs free and even run some folded paper between the rows of keys which helps to get the cat hairs out but then you start noticing everything else looking grungy.

Then you get all depressed walking through the rest of your house where the carpeting looks shabby and there are dirty dishes and laundry to be put away and books everywhere -Rilke and Julia Cameron and Billy Collins and The Complete Book of Herbs (are they sure it’s complete?) and Angela’s Ashes and ‘Tis and Thoreau and the Art of Life and a bunch more. They’re on the counters and tables and on the hoosier and in baskets and bookshelves and that’s when you realize that your house is more like a used book store because of the books, dust and cats.

And then you sit down with one or two or three of your books, because you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for. You sit down in the corner of the sofa, next to the Christmas tree and realize that everything looks beautiful after all. By the light of the Christmas tree there are no messy piles of books – only proof that readers live here. By the light of the Christmas tree the dust becomes fairy dust and the carpeting is gently worn not shabby.The house isn’t small it’s cozy and the tea you’re drinking is just as soothing as the tea they’re serving in that darling Victorian tea room somewhere in Vermont.

And then you remember Mr. Emerson in Room with a View saying “My vision is within! Here is where the birds sing! Here is where the sky is blue! ” and you go to get the book so you can look up the quote and start a new pile of books.


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