Neglect as opposed to fickleness

To: DMB, PG, Radiohead, Gipsy Kings, DC, Ralston, Modest Mouse, SOAD, Nick Drake, Bowie, Eno, Van, YoYo Ma, Joshua Bell, Pete Yorn, Eno, Joseph Arthur, SAD, Beirut, Nigel Kennedy, Bach, Chet, Miles, Genesis, Bill Evans, Allison Kraus, Telemann, Puccini, Dario Marinelli, Howard Shore, Yann Tiersen et al.

From: me

Subject: Neglect

Yes, I’ve been neglecting your music lately. I’ve been listening to Deas Vail almost exclusively. E turned me on to it after a friend lent it to her. The lead singer has an amazing voice and the songs are infectious and dreamy. It’s very pretty stuff.

I’ve also been hooked on Kaze by Carlo Aonzo and Katsumi Nagaoka. We picked it up at a mandolin concert a few months ago. Nagaoka’s compositions are so beautiful.

It’s not that I’m fickle. I still like you – a lot. Chris and John, I did actually listen to you last week, so don’t fret. Dave, I had every intention of  grabbing Some Devil for the car ride today, but I was running late and knew Deas was already waiting patiently in the cd player.  Thom & gang, I listened to a couple of your ep’s  a few weeks ago and was moved and agitated and made thoughtful. I may have even yelped, (See Dave Eggers’ They Learned to Yelp) Van, oh Van, I know I’ll listen to Irish Heartbeat and dance around my kitchen some day soon. I always do.

It’s not you, it’s me. There is a special time and place for all of you. Sometimes it’s a dreary, rainy day when I’m baking muffins, sometimes it’s a warm Florida night in January. You’ve all been my special something at one time or another.

Fear not. Those mandolin dudes and Deas’ days are numbered. I can’t possibly sustain this obsession much longer. They will join you in the ever growing pile of infectious music I don’t want to live without.

and we’ll live happily ever after all the rest of our deas, whoops, days…


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