Yes I am to be congratulated for several accomplishments which are as follows, in no particular order:

  •  I am captivated by sea captains and found further evidence that they may be the chosen ones on page 94 of the 1040 instructions: Certain whaling captains may be able to deduct expenses paid in 2007 for Native Alaskan subsistence bowhead whale hunting activities. See Pub. 526 for details. 
  • I finished my estimated 1040 even though it was painful since I am losing a dependent and a child tax credit.
  • I finished and submitted the CSS financial aid profile without consulting an accountant or financial advisor or even a man. Aw shucks. I must be kinda smart for a woman…I hope I don’t start to tear up a la Hillary.
  • I located Slightly Chipped:Footnotes in Booklore by bookies Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone, behind the row of books where it was supposed to be, forlorn and forgotten. I rescued it, checked it out and read it. And enjoyed it.
  • I started Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen and will see him at an event in March.
  • I waded through the shit coming out of Gov. Crist’s mouth and voted NO (early) on the property tax amendment. Tax cuts my ass. Loss of revenue for municipalities and tax cuts for the wealthiest homeowners. More about it here
  • My co-worker and I managed to procure a day off for the office Monday to celebrate that most awesome of holidays – MLK b-day. A day off is reason enough to honor MLK.
  • I haven’t listened to Deas Vail for at least 3 days.

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