Rock On Dan Kennedy

On Lost this week:

Is it fate or coincidence that she stumbled on Rock On by Dan Kennedy?

Upset about the screaming bitch, she wandered around among the stacks, not immediately finding any books to suit her mood, and thinking of ways she’d get even with the screaming bitch.  Then she spied Rock On in the brand spankin’ new section and it looked funny. She needed to read something funny. It involved the music industry and included a quote by the Replacements. “I love music. I still pay for music,” she thought to herself.

She checked the book out with 5 minutes to spare before she had to return to the waste called work, and all but skipped back to her car.

She thought the author’s name sounded familiar. She read a few pages and thought the writing seemed familiar.

Later she learned that Dan Kennedy is a frequent contributor to McSweeney’s and was included in Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans, which she’d read a few months ago.

Dan Kennedy also wrote Loser Goes First, which sounded vaguely familiar. She looked up the cover online and realized she’d also read that a few years ago.

Are these merely coincidences or is there a stronger force at work here?


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