Weighing in on American Idol and Lost

  1. Reading Lisa de Moraes’ hilarious recap of AI at http://blog.washingtonpost.com/tvblog/ is much better than the show
  2. The abbreviation for American Idol is AI which is the same abbreviation used for Artificial Intelligence
  3. Sometimes I am just as incoherent as Paula 
  4. Simon’s upper lip disappears when he smiles
  5. Jack is even better looking now than he was last season
  6. Jack is seriously good looking
  7. I really like Jack
  8. I watch reruns of Lost and still get goosebumps during creepy parts
  9. John Locke is a real asshole this season
  10. I am beginning to feel sympathetic toward Juliette
  11. Hurley’s my least favorite character
  12. Rose is annoying
  13. It would be really scary if the next time they saw Jacob’s shack it had turned into a WalMart
  14. Sawyer’s white boxers were very white

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