It was enough

I’m still obsessing about Des & Pen’s conversation. I have nothing else to fixate on – so why not a TV show and all its imagined philosophical implications?

The final lines from “The Constant” after the phone dies:

SAYID: I’m sorry. The power source went dead, it’s all we have.

DESMOND: Thank you, Sayid. It was enough.

SAYID: Are you alright now?

DESMOND: Aye. I’m perfect.

It was enough? It was enough!!! Aye. I just love that man. 

How do we determine what’s enough? Oh that’s right, most of us don’t. That’s why we’re a nation of overweight, debt-ridden, depressed, substance abusers. We’re conditioned to believe we should never be satisfied.

Coffee at home from the coffee maker isn’t enough – it has to be sexy, overpriced coffee from the coffee shop. A nice, reliable economy car isn’t enough – it has to be a lard-ass SUV to carry all the athletic gear you never use because you’re too much of a lard-ass to go outside or even fit in an economy car. Playing with and reading to your child isn’t enough, you have to enroll him in classes, sports and activities that are enrichingly sterile. Learning from your mistakes isn’t enough, it has to be a journey. A house isn’t enough, it has to be a house that’s more than you can afford and filled with gadgets and fine furnishings so that when you slip into foreclosure you can elicit sympathy. Breasts aren’t enough, they have to be big boobs. Empathizing with someone isn’t enough, you have to tell them “everything happens for a reason.”Bitching isn’t enough, it has to be a rant.

Of course, other than the last point about bitching,  I conveniently left out all the excesses I am guilty of. What satisfaction is there in criticizing people based on their collective preferences and viewpoints if I’m not going to enjoy the smug feeling?

That wouldn’t be enough – for me.


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