Lost out of my mind in Florida


So I listened to a very funny Carl Hiaasen this week at the GCCF luncheon. Not only was he funny but his eyes were very blue, blue, blue. I bought a book for him to sign and me to read and said something really brilliant like,  “As long as you’re in Florida we have at least one treasure.”  I hate myself and my inability to be undorky.

Oh and the food was really good. The folks at my table were old Florida hoity-toity people who live on keys.

Lost was brilliant last night with Jin & Sun’s gut wrenching flashback/flashforward. How fun it is to be fooled by writers as clever as Lindelof and Cuse. They did it for me and me alone.

There are mockingbirds building a nest in my trellis. It has to be way difficult to build a nest. My son claims that “anyone can build a nest,” but I don’t see him building any.

It’s been since I’ve had a Krispy Kreme. I don’t even know where they sell them around here any more.

I love Mike TV’s blogs.


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