Change my mind


Awww. Bob Schneider. Yet another humble self-deprecating singer/songwriter/artist that I didn’t know about and can now obsess over. 

I’m glad my pals at Paste Magazine send me mixes. That’s how I found out about the song “Changing Your Mind” and how I ended up listening to it about 30 times yesterday. Aww, he sounds sad. Aww, his voice cracked. Aww, he’s singing about stained glass. Aww, he has a tattoo of the name of the bitch who broke his heart. ( I always want to spell that with just 2 t’s. Three t’s in such a short word really seems like overkill.)

It would take like nothing for him to change my mind. He wouldn’t even have to complete a syllable or play his guitar. He could just like hold the guitar and say “erm” and I’d say “Um, yeah. Absolutely.”


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