Lost finale = scrumptious

The Lost finale = scrumptious. This is why:

Sayid kicked ass, time traveling bunnies, checkmate Mr. Eko, whispers, miracles, Keamy is dead-Keamy is alive, Ben kills Keamy, “boom,” Miles eats peanuts, Rose only has 2 lines, wheel, Sun’s Emmy-winning screams, liquid nitrogen, chopper repair with duck tape, Des & Pen reunited, Des & Pen kiss, “I love you Penny and I’m never going to leave you again,” Kate & Sawyer kiss, rum, whispers, Sawyer goes for a swim, explosions, Michael redeems himself, Sundance, Daniel still wearing a tie, Kate slaps Jack, Jack looks hot, Sayid looks hot, Des looks hot, Sawyer looks hot, “paranoia keeps me alive”, Dharma training video.  “So?”


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