Breathless Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls was in Siberia on Friday night’s rerun. I only saw the last 15 minutes because I was too busy blogging about how I was going to watch Bear Grylls to actually watch it.

The 15 minutes I saw were packed with excitement as Bear made traps to catch tiny little squirrels with. He breathlessly explained that squirrels are lazy so if you want to catch one, you set the trap in some way that will make their life easier. He breathlessly made a ramp from the ground to tree trunk so they could just walk up the ramp instead of having to climb the trunk. No squirrels got caught in that trap but he caught a squirrel in another trap which appeared to make him breathless for a short time. It was frozen solid, which he demonstrated by whacking it several times with his big knife. It was so frozen he couldn’t skin it. He breathlessly messed about with the squirrel for a bit then breathlessly ate the brain raw. It’s a delicacy in Siberia and he said it’s chock full of vitamins, which he pronounced with a small i so the vit rhymed with shit. Who talks like that? Then he hopped around through the snow and did some more stuff and huffed and puffed some more. He could huff and puff and blow my house down any day.  

I wish he wouldn’t kill animals. I wish he’d just eat nuts and roots and berries. But sometimes the animals get him back as evidenced by this picture of him all messed up by bees.

You can read more about Bear on his own blog which is as breathless as the show



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