My one true loves

I’m all a twitter about the Awesome Thing that E and I did for my One True Love, Stephen Colbert. It involves a certain altered Little Debbie snack package and our tremendous creativity.

My other One True Love, Peter Gabriel, has released Big Blue Ball today. It’s a collection of unreleased world music tracks recorded at Real World Studios over the years. And gabba, gabba hey, it’s NPR approved.

Several more of my One True Loves are lost. I’m rewatching Des, Jack, Sawyer and Sayid being lost on dvd. They are even hotter when I’m able to pause and replay the hot-shots.

 Seriously, my one true love…





One Response to “My one true loves”

  1. 1000 Artist Journal Pages cool & colorful she raved « spilling crumbs Says:

    […] since I’m into altering things like t-shirts and Little Debbie Stars & Stripes snack cake boxes I’m thinking of shrinking down some of my own journal pages and taping them over some of the […]

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