run-on sentences regarding a small beloved guinea pig

Every day it’s hot and humid and it rains and Izzy had to be put to sleep Monday because her very large growth ruptured and was a bleeding, oozing mass of ick. She was uncomfortable but kept on squeaking and eating like a well brought up guinea pig. The vet offered to do surgery but wasn’t sure if she could remove such a large growth and it didn’t matter to us anyway because we weren’t considering surgery for a very small animal that lived a good 4 years. We cried and cried even though we knew it was the humane and right thing to do and the rain came down and down well into the night so that we couldn’t even go out and bury her little body.

Then Stage Dad arrived to pick up G and it just made everything worse and more tense and I noted he was looking rather grey and rather plump and managed to upset E in the 4 minutes he was in our house.

Later E went out to hang with friends and I ate an apricot yogurt granola bar- from Target of all places, and watched videos of Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood doing acoustic versions of “True Love Waits” and “Black Star” and thought about little Izzy the brave and assertive pig.

Yesterday it was still hot and humid and I cut my thumb on the catfood can and then realized that Tess the Cat had been put to sleep years ago on July 8 and Izzy the pig on July 7 and it was kind of weird. I went to pet Izzy on the way out the door to work, then remembered she was gone. After work the rain held off long enough for me to bury her in the ferny area while providing quite the feast for the bastard Florida mosquitoes.


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