1000 Artist Journal Pages cool & colorful she raved

I am a letter/journal writer and reader. Stated another way, I like writing and reading letters and journals.

Over the weekend I bought 1000 Artist Journal Pages. Put together by Dawn DeVries Sokol, it showcases pages from all kinds of journals,  a greatest hits if you will. And there are like 1000 of them. I mean I didn’t count them or anything but yeah there must be 1000 of them. 1000 is a lot so it’s chock full of cool and colorful images and lettering. (chock full? what the hell?)

Some people paint, some collage and some combine drawings with their writing.  I was initially thinking that all the pages were going to be the “Find your bliss” and “Live, love and laugh” style, which isn’t really me. But there is actually a great variety of form and expression in the book. The pages are as different as the people who create them. And by the way I’m not necessarily criticizing people who are finding their bliss but I’m just more of a “I hope no one pisses me off today” or ” It’s my bitterness and I’m keeping it” type of person.

 I like it so much I’m probably going to take a big bite out of it.

And since I’m into altering things like t-shirts and Little Debbie Stars & Stripes snack cake boxes I’m thinking of shrinking down some of my own journal pages and taping them over some of the real ones. Then I could just open the book to my page and say “See I’m featured in this book. I’m an artist,” and slam the book shut before anyone catches on. Sneaky. heh-heh.


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