something about a hurricane

…something about a hurricane but it’s really a tropical storm named Fay.  We put the computers up on the desks and covered them in plastic and took the backup tapes home and cancelled appointments for tomorrow. No work tomorrow and all the schools and county offices are closed. 

I have water and spaghetti o’s and granola bars. And peanut butter. I made a cake. If it gets stormy I can sit around and read and eat cake.

Zelda was acting weird tonight. But then she always acts weird. If a cat acting weird was a predictor of bad weather there’d be bad weather like every 2 hours. She’s curled up next to me sleeping now, and Lily is acting weird and staring at the wall, which is something she frequently does. I love how cats can just sit and stare at the ground and act like they’re having heavy thoughts about the meaning of life.  Cats are cool.


5 Responses to “something about a hurricane”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Now how in the world did I stumble onto this website? I know it’s Mary…Even after 25 years, I’d recognize this writing anywhere! This reads so much like your old letters, it’s uncanny…and I am laughing aloud at your observations.

    Email me…we can “catch up”.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Oops…wrong email address.

  3. mcmisura Says:

    holy shet! the cliches…

  4. Jeff Says:

    If I told you that I read EVERY one of your blogs, dating back to July, 2006 on Saturday when we were getting “Fay-ed” to death here in SC…what does THAT say to you?

    Yes, every stinkin’ one of them.

    Including my “name drop” blog. I can’t imagine who “Steak night” is but I’m extremely curious to know.

  5. mcmisura Says:

    umm, that says that you were a) contemplating suicide b) suffering from insomnia c) gloating that your life is way better and more interesting than mine

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