Today I start the day in a lab packed with sleepy, hungry, sighing people who are waiting to pee in a cup or offer their arm for a blood sample. I do a quick survey and am surprised to see only two of us have brought books to read. The rest of the group sits and stares at the floor.

We wait and wait. Every now and then someone gets called to the back, where hilarity and laughter ensues. Apparently someone is practicing their stand up routine. I can hardly wait. I hope the jokes are about McCain/Palin. 

I grow concerned when the woman across from me appears to be licking her lips and looking at me hungrily. I bury my head deeper into my book, but I can’t concentrate on Elizabeth Gilbert’s visit to Bali.  I can’t concentrate on anything but donuts.

When I’m called I’m disappointed to find that there is no stand up routine in the back.  Have a good day is all I get. It should be easy to have a good day.

There are lots of cars on the road and we’re all just going to work or school or the babysitter. I swing into Dunkin’ for the double chocolate donut and coffee that will be the high point of the day. I can eat when I want and what I want. 

In Haiti someone is pulling a dead body out of the floodwaters and women are waiting in line at a food distribution center and I offer silent thanks for my small, calm, no surprises life.


3 Responses to “happyhumdrum”

  1. Jane Says:

    I’m so glad I came to visit tonight. First, you have the best “About Me” page ever – second, your post was perfect for my mindset today. I got to listen to a wealthy lady, who does not work, bitterly complain about how her package of perfume took three days to arrive instead of the expected two.

  2. mcmisura Says:

    Thanks Jane. I feel like I just got bonus points on a mid-term.
    I imagine that lady desperately needs that perfume so her shit won’t smell.

  3. For your convenience inconveniences me « spilling crumbs Says:

    […] thinking the next time I need lab work  I could just pull up a seat in the cereal aisle. That would be swell. And maybe if it’s not […]

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