Let’s play the last week this week game:

Last week I felt cool and refreshed in New York. This week I simmer and sizzle in Florida.

Last week I slept well in a cozy bed & breakfast. This week Lily steals my pillow and sleeps on my head. 

Last week I had smoked turkey paninis and creme brulee for lunch. This week I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and granola bars. 

Last week I toured the historic homes of long dead millionaires. This week I come home dead tired.

Last week I merrily gathered acorns. This week I threw them away.

Last week I used the ass warmer in the Accord. This week I fry an egg on the dashboard of Yaris. 

Last week I missed Florida cats. This week I miss New York dogs.

Last week I saw deer. This week I see lizards.

Last week I talked with my high school music teacher. This week I listen to music.

Last week I dreamed of buying my childhood home. This week I dream of buying my childhood home.


2 Responses to “lastweekthisweek”

  1. David H. Schleicher Says:

    That house is amazing…as are the lawn and trees in front of it. Did you take that picture? Where is that house located? –DHS

  2. mcmisura Says:

    That’s Clermont in Germantown, NY. It was the home of the Livingston family who owned thousands of acres of land along the Hudson.

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