Obama in Sarasota

Barack Obama in Sarasota, Florida, October 30, 2008.


I don’t really know how to go about describing what it was like to be there, about 30 feet from the podium. 

Sunshine, joy and happiness?

Hearing your name called at the Oscars?

The test was negative, you’re fine?

An anonymous person has paid off your mortgage?

Order anything you want, it’s on me?

Seriously, I want this feeling all the time – without the use artificial stimulants.

I want hope instead of fear.

I want intelligent solutions instead of intelligent design.

I want a leader I respect instead of one I’m ashamed of.

I want peace instead of war.

I want jobs, health care, choices, thoughtfulness, passion & compassion, civility, equality, commitment to children & polar bears & future generations & the planet. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

And neither does Barack Obama.


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