Magical, sparkling, snowflakes

One Christmas we couldn’t go to church because it was so cold the car wouldn’t start.

One Christmas I got a guinea pig. Sis had it hidden in her room and I had absolutely no idea even though my room was right next to hers.

One Christmas my cat Tess got very sick and I had to spend a couple hundred dollars to find out she had eaten something off the Christmas tree.

One Christmas I got an awesome paper plate with a picture of my son in the middle of a Christmas tree made of multi-colored macaroni.

One Christmas the temperatures were below zero for a week. We bought a huge Christmas tree for our first Christmas in our farm house. It lost so many needles that they filled a paper grocery bag.

One Christmas we walked up and down through the snow searching for the perfect tree and found one with an abandoned bird’s nest in it.

One Christmas I drove the  kids to NY by myself.

One Christmas Santa brought me Girl Scout stationery and I was astounded that he knew I was a Girl Scout.

One Christmas my mother was in the hospital an hour away and we piled her presents in the car and took them to her.

One Christmas we traced all the pet’s paw prints, cut them out, and hung them on the tree.

One Christmas my daughter bought me a glorious gold ring with a sapphire and diamonds. She got it at Santa’s Secret Shop in her elementary school.

One Christmas before I was even divorced, my husband came over with his girlfriend to drop off the kids’ gifts to put under the tree.

One Christmas I ran to 4 or 5 stores looking for Monster Head before I found it.

One Christmas I ran to 4 or 5 stores looking for the Littlest Pet Shop collector case before I found it.

One Christmas Santa brought me a miniature brown and yellow toy refrigerator, stove and a sink with a reservoir in the back that would hold water so it would drip from the faucet.  I still have it.

One Christmas I drove to a brew shop in Somerset, NJ, to buy a grain grinder for my husband to use in beer making.

One Christmas Zelda climbed the tree.

One Christmas Zelda dipped her paw in the pitchy tree-stand water and licked it off her paw.

One Christmas Lily knocked an ornament off the tree and it broke.

One Christmas I helped pick out what I thought was the most beautiful  fuzzy white bathrobe in the world for my mother.

One Christmas I got a book of lifesavers.

One Christmas Dad guessed his gift before he unwrapped it and almost made us cry.

One Christmas when I was an adult and had kids of my own, I heard noises on the roof.

One Christmas just as midnight mass ended it began to pour and we got soaked running to the car.

One Christmas I made my first solo batch of sugar cookies and put in too much salt.

One Christmas I took care of my boyfriend’s kitten when he went to Pittsburgh to visit relatives.

One Christmas my friend gave me a pretty music box and gave his girlfriend a backgammon board.

One Christmas I got to see the Radio City Christmas Show and eat at the Rainbow Room.

One Christmas I made pies for the priests.

One Christmas I realized I had a lot of Christmas stories.


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