In which I mention the Gronebergs and how much I liked their books

I’ve already read 3.75 books this year. I’m not going to pretend I’m not counting, because I am.

The Secret Life of Cowboys by Tom Groneberg  and  Road Map to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg have gone on my List of Books So Good I Will Talk About Them Enthusiastically and Stalk the Authors on the Internet. 

Both books are honest, poignant memoirs about dreams, learning, love and forgiveness.

In Tom’s book, he learns to be a cowboy and run a ranch and ultimately forgive himself when all his dreams don’t fall into place.

Jennifer’s book recounts the premature birth of her twins, the uncertainty of the future and her and Tom’s acceptance and love for their Down Syndrome baby.

I like the  clean, poetic style of their writing, like this sentence from Tom, “The smell of shit and sage.” 

I like that they’re married, successful in the same field and supportive of each other.

 The bad part about reading books this special is that whatever I read afterwards is usually a bit of a disappointment. It’s like finishing a box of Godiva and going back to Hershey Kisses. 

But in this case, Jennifer has a blog so I can read more, and Tom has another book, One Good Horse, that I haven’t read yet. So basically, there’s still Godiva and I won’t have to go crazy looking for it.


One Response to “In which I mention the Gronebergs and how much I liked their books”

  1. jennifergg Says:

    oooh, and the good thing about blogging is that eventually, everybody finds each other…

    thanks for likening me (us) to Godiva. my very favorite. but i’ve also been known to raid the Safeway chocolate chips, in an emergency.

    i liked One Good Horse best. of all of them, his/ours/mine. hope you like it, too.


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