It’s Tuesday and my soul is fat

I went for a walk during lunch.

I saw statues of Dutch children and squirrels. I saw Christmas lights. I saw a man from Iowa watering his dead lawn which made the walk more satisfying than it would have been if I hadn’t seen him. 

The high point of the walk however, was finding a discarded tract along the side of the road. It becomes number 2 in the series “Religious Tracts I’ve Found Why? ”  This one is  titled “Deliverance From Tobacco”. 

 The text is rich with words like alas, glorify, sinful, defile and pardoneth, all of which please me immensely.

Here is a section which speaks to me: “God sees your heart. He not only sees your habits and problems, but He sees how Satan has trapped you.”  I do feel trapped! Every weekday around 3 pm when the clock seems to stop moving and I have 2 hours of my workday left. I do have habits and problems! They’re called carbs.

There is a reason I found this tract. Everyone knows everything happens for a reason. 

But I don’t smoke. So why didn’t I find “Deliverance From Tastycakes”?

But wait. It says “Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness. ” (Isaiah 55:2)

So the message is meant for me! I like sweets. Tobacco is bad but my carb-habits are good.  And the cakes, donuts and cookies are helping me delight in my soul’s fatness.

As I finish the  Tastycake cream filled cupcake and lick the crumbs from my fingers,  I rejoice and give praise.

My soul is fat and delighted and Satan is stalking the Marlboro man.


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