Like a watermelon falling off the back of a truck

I’m fairly trembling with energy.

My tiny chihuahua-sized cold isn’t stopping me.  

The weekend before I got my chihuahua sized cold, I had no energy. I languished by the TV watching the Food Network all weekend. “Such amazing people. They cook. Why does my face feel like it’s melting off?” 

This week I am my own HGTV/Food Network star.

Lots of scrubbing, sometimes with my newly acquired Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I like bald men.

Lots of pile making. Weeding. Whittling.  Stacking. Straightening. Storing.

New piles in new locations.

Making omelets and chicken and biscuits. Baking cakes with rosewater flavoring. Copying recipes. Grinding coffee beans.

Would this [ugly] $10 metal shelf  be tolerable if I painted it  pink and hung it in the bathroom? No, it would actually be cute. Note how tight the screws are. This shelf is sturdy. You can put things on it.

Planning projects…and I could do this and this and this. I just need more tools.

Putting dvds in alphabetical order. Rearranging Dave Matthews Band cds so they are in order of release date. (I realize this borders on abnormal but I’m just going with it.)

Closing files at work. They’re not even my files , but just look at all the room I’ve made. Praise please. 

Pulling weeds. Sharpening pencils. No task too small.

I like being like this. This making chaos out of order and order out of chaos.

Finishing books and closing them shut with a satisfying snap.


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