Trust me to think for myself

A former co-worker forwarded me an email today, criticizing the proposed health care plan. I  exchange Christmas cards with this woman but I haven’ t talked to her in a few years so I was kind of surprised that she didn’t even bother to ask about me or my family. Or my cats.

I believe her message here is “I don’t give a shit about you or what’s going on in your life, but won’t you join me in spreading lies and hatred?”

Here’s an excerpt from the email:

Some other things that Rep. Broun brought up last night in addition to the awful things we’ve already heard–funded abortion, “end of life counseling”, etc.–is that ObamaCare will end services by the Veteran’s Administration (VA) and also will end Medicare…
…continue talking, voicing your opinions, and spreading the word to other family/friends in other  states/districts–initially igniting a “grass fire” against the politicians who are in favor of socializing medicine, and our country.

Also, be much in prayer for Rep. Broun who is, along with co-sponsors,
drafting a bill for healthcare reform also…

I was offended by this email for 2 reasons:

1) she didn’t ask about me

2) she obviously thinks I am an idiot who would believe blatant lies

Normally I would just delete an email like this and then eat another cookie.  I really hate  confrontation. But today I grew a spine and decided that if a person is going to send me a ridiculous, opinionated email they’re going to get a ridiculous, opinionated response.

I hope you and your family are well.
It’s disappointing that you chose to forward me a malicious and erroneous email about Obama’s proposed health care plan. You can read the facts about the plan at

I’m sorry to be disagreeable but I find the Christian Right’s reliance on hate mongering and deceit hypocritical. If you believe in God then you must believe he has given us a brain and the power to reason, analyze and make thoughtful decisions. Just because an idea comes from a religious leader or a member of your congregation doesn’t mean it’s true or valid.

It’s better to have no religion at all  than to use it as a weapon.


Feeling much better about myself and my new spine I went back to work. Later I checked my email  for a response.


Thank you for the mail. We do not open any forwarded mail, and rarely do we open attachments…….

Seriously? She forwarded me a ridiculous, opinionated email and I responded with a ridiculous, opinionated response – only to be auto-rejected.  Can you get any ruder than that?

I painstakingly typed in her email address, copied and pasted my ridiculous, opinionated response and sent it again. And promptly got auto-rejected again. Same exact message.

I have an opening on my Christmas card list. All applicants welcome. I do not discriminate based on faith, gender or ethnic background.


2 Responses to “Trust me to think for myself”

  1. Jlaben Says:

    Send her that same response in an EARLY Xmas card…then cross her off your list.

  2. Chris Says:

    Zealots suck. Jlaben is a genius.

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