The part where the Dear Hunter saves me from starvation only to leave me hungry

mary & casey

I should have practiced looking casual & hip

I caught the Dear Hunter and a couple of other bands that I don’t care about at the State Theater last night with my beautiful daughter.

Midnight Masses from Brooklyn opened.  My thoughts were – I have no idea what they’re singing and they’re all about the drums. Besides the drummer doing his thing, the lead vocalist and the girl-pretending-to-be-a-guitar-player took turns banging on a drum. My guess is that they are fans of  taiko drumming.

Next my beloved Dear Hunter played. Their short set was akin to giving a starving person a piece of Godiva chocolate – delicious and mouth-watering but in the end you’re  left with gnawing hunger pangs. These guys are not only creative, technically proficient musicians but also gracious and humble. There were  so many more songs I wanted to hear live – and now I’m left with Dear Hunter pangs and only my ipod to satisfy me.

Fall of Troy screamed my soul to splinters.  Kids thrashed wildly around, bouncing off each other as the singer urged everyone to have fun. I fought the urge to join them. Kidding.

Thursday was the headlining band and they were head-throbbingly loud. My head throbbed through 2 songs until I was beckoned by gorgeous daughter to merch, where I met Casey and Josh, who seemed sincerely touched that their music touches me.


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