Give yourself a pat on the back

Here’s what you’ve missed the past few days by not being me:  Opening night of Stars on Ice in Ft. Myers where Ben Agosto played the guitar, Jeremy Abbott wore a hat,  Charlie White looked like an angel and Evan Lysacek got a standing ovation. There was also a lot of great skating, some nice group numbers, banter and sparkly costumes.

You also missed mowing my lawn, pulling weeds and getting bit by fire ants.

Laundry was washed and hung out to dry. And then it was properly folded and  put away. Dishes were washed. Cats were fed. Litterboxes were scooped.

There was  dinner at the beach night which was also tone-deaf karaoke night. As fearless souls took turns belting out off key renditions of popular songs, a charming old couple danced.

Books were opened, then quickly set aside with a sigh of disappointment.

Tunes and podcasts were downloaded. Pledges of love were made to Jason Lytle as he sang to me from my ipod. Stalking was initiated.

Other things happened as well involving gaiety, merriment and marshmallow peeps.


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